To get a better idea of what you will find in the book, you can flip through a few pages of The Researcher’s Guide to the Czech Land Books. You can start with the introductory section. In it, we explain why it is a good idea to study land books and summarize the level of knowledge to have before embarking on such research. You can also get an idea of the contents of the other chapters from their descriptions.

An excerpt from Chapter IX describes how to proceed if you face the page-by-page search to find a record which you need. Even in this case, there are ways to make your work more efficient and find the record you are looking for quickly. There are also search shortcuts that can also make finding the correct entry much easier.

The last fragment is from Chapter XV. It deals at length with the various obligations which the farmers had on their shoulders. Most noteworthy was the robota, a phenomena that is still often misinterpreted or misunderstood today. We explain what the robota was, how it was performed, and how it was gradually regulated by the state.

Before You Start Reading
Chapter IX (sample)
Chapter XV (sample)