As a first sample we have offer the Record 13 made in April 1778 on the Český Šternberk Estate. It is almost a model record of the sale of a cottage within the family; a widow was selling the property to her son-in-law. The record contains a brief description of the sold property , the duties associated with possession of the farm, and in particular the amount of robota. A number of Czech expressions, which are difficult to translate into English, provide an opportunity to interpret some interesting details of the daily life of our ancestors.

Record 29 presents an example of a bill of debt. In 1790, a married couple of Kára from small municipality of Mšec borrowed 32,5 guldens. The loan was borrowed from the sirotčí pokladna, the Orphans Treasury, which was administered by the estate office. This entry shows how, as late as 1790, rules that had been defined in the ancient Roman law were still being applied, here specifically for the protection of married women and their property

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Record 13
Record 29