Land Books Terms: Brány

Brány (Ger. Egge) is one of the terms which, when translated with a dictionary or in a translator, can lead you to a false interpretation. Brány are not gates but harrows. Moreover, the Czech language uses the form brány for both singular as well as plural.

„brany wnich hrzebikem zeleznyho 40 g“ (1690’s)

Harrows are used to break up  and smooth the surface of the soil on the field, sometimes also to remove weeds. Today we know several types of harrows. In land books, they are often  described as  “wooden harrowes with iron spikes”. Such a harrows was a wooden structure with nails protruding from it. But they could also be all-wood. Their construction, and therefore their weight, influenced the efficiency of harrowing.

Part of the record from Poděbrady Estate (1766). In translation harrows with iron spikes.
„a brany 1 s hržeby železnymy 3 fr“ (1766)

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