Status Report: November 2022

There was only one reason for the long silence on these web-pages, and that was the work on the book. We’ve done a lot of work since the last Status Report. All the records and their English translations have been finally checked. The whole book is also type-set. (Perhaps, we can reveal that the total length of the book is close to 600 pages.)

At the moment we are working on the last revisions, mainly on checking the type-set records. These will need a little more care to make them as good as possible. But everything has moved forward significantly since summer and the End is much closer again. Although I had originally hoped to have the book available before Christmas, the final work is more challenging than I had estimated. I believe, however, that soon we will be able to announce that it’s all done and the book is ready for its readers.

Follow this page for more information.

Work in progress

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