Status Report: May 2023 – Almost there

It has been some time since we posted our last status report. As in the last report from November 2022, we can repeat that we spent time checking and proofreading the book. By the end of February we had read and checked all the entries and the corrections were reflected in the typesetting of the book. We are now working on the very last check of the entire book. We want to read everything one more time to do the best we can to make the book – if possible – without errors and mistakes. We have already about half of this last check done.

You could say that we are at the final stretch of our journey. We may need a few more weeks, but with each passing day we are closer and closer to publication. We hope that the next status report will already report the completion and release of the book.

Part of the finishing touches include also adding more content to this site. We will publish a list of the records that are included in our book. But mainly we will publish samples from the book. You can look forward to seeing some of the sections as well as a sample record from a land book which is included in the book.

Follow this page for more information.

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